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GSM Communication

GSM Module V120


GSM module is a communication device capable of:

-making an emergency call during failure

-ensuring a reliable telephone connection between service centre and people stuck in the elevator car in case of lift's malfunction

-remotely monitoring elevator's functionality in real time

-ensuring an auditive communication between different sectors of a lift

GSM Module is easy to use and easily configured via PC or simple text messages.


One GSM Module can connect to up to three different DAUG modules (inside an elevator car, in a shaft, in a control room, etc.). GSM can be powered by ZZ12, that will keep it running even during a total blackout.

Documents for download

Komunikačný modul DAUG


      Communication module DAUG is a functional element of the GSM communication system. It is usually placed in different sectors of an elevator. DAUG module mounted inside an elevator car's control panel is used for establishing GSM connection between the service centre and the elevator car. Two remaining DAUG modules are usually used as an intercom during repairs. 

One GSM module is able to operate with up to three DAUG modules. Connection is made using UTP (or FTP) cable and RJ45 connectors. Length of the cable should not exceed 100m.  

DAUG module comes with built-in speakers and microphone


GSM Antenna


         GSM antenna with magnetic pad. It is recommended to place the antenna on the outside of a control cabinet to ensure the best signal possible.

GSM Anténa

Communicaton set for Control Room 


     Communication set for control room ensures auditive communication between other DAUG modules. This device is directly connected to the GSM unit inside a control cabinet.

It contains a magnetic pad, meaning you can place it on any metal surface.

Connecting cable is usually two metres long.

Komunikačný set
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